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WhisperInvest is an investment research platform that provides simplified crowdsourced star-ratings and delivers personalized insights and alerts based on the people, stocks and ETFs you follow.

JD Singh

"The Business Guy"

A graduate from Rutgers University, JD spent over 7 years in the Financial Services world, but his entrepreneurial spirit always had an outlet through side projects. Even though he cut his teeth on Wall St., he's a better fit for Silicon Alley, Manhattan.

Zoheb Sait

"The Tech Guy"

A graduate of Cornell University, Zoheb has over 8 years of experience in building software applications and managing development teams for both startups and large financial firms.

Jan Van Eck


A graduate of Williams, Stanford, Jan has extensive experience creating international, emerging market, and commodity-related strategies and launched Van Eck Gobal's ETF business in 2006

Savneet Singh


A graduate from Cornell University, Savneet tried the investing thing, but found his calling as a tech entrepreneur. He loves working with young companies and dreaming about what can be done